Growing up in a small town outside of the big city, two brothers, Matt & Jeff spent their nights after school exploring the wooded area behind their neighborhood. They spent most of their days building forts & tree houses and getting lost in nature. Some tree forts as simple as nailing pieces of wood to a tree just to see a different view of the sky. The winter brought snow forts, sledding and hot chocolate. In the summers they would catch fireflies, jump over sprinklers, and play in the woods until the daylight ran out. Life happened to the brothers and the environment changed faster than they could hold onto. High School, University and Careers came rapidly and before they knew it, their days were spent acclimating to this new lifestyle that was chosen by others, soon forgetting where they came from.

Jeff's Story

After graduating university with more questions than when he started, Jeff decided to look for programs that involved helping people.  A few weeks after he graduated, his dad was also searching for a new profession that provided more purpose.

With enthusiasm and timing on their side, they started up Alligood Energy, a sustainability company that focuses on building envelope and energy audits. Soon after, Matt joined knowing this was our chance to have our freedom to make some real change.

They both moved back home with their parents to help get the company off the ground and Jeff soon realized that without any action, nothing is going to change.  Starting a company was insanely hard and frustrating; there were countless times where we sat around the table and all debated whether to close it down or keep pushing on.

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Matt's Story

Matt began to experience the reality of his first job in nyc working for the interests of real estate developers. He quickly started to feel alienated from that child who grew up playing in the woods. A few years into this job experience he began to feel isolated and disconnected from himself and the natural world. The air wasnt fresh and the noise was overwhelming. He knew deep down he needed to restructure his life from ground up and that was the path he began on.

He went through this period over the next few years where he followed a simple concept of going towards things that made him feel connected to his inner child and away from things that didn’t. It was a simple technique that began to work and through it, he discovered what made him feel good again. He realized that the things that made him feel better was everything he did as a kid in the woods with his brother. When he came out of this situation, Jeff was graduating from college and appeared at the right time in life for him.

They began to build things again together like they did as boys in woods. As they tinkered with creating new businesses, building custom furniture and designing energy efficient homes they stumbled upon what they really wanted to create. They wanted to create forts for adults. Spaces where people could go and reconnect with their younger self and see the world as they did when they were kids.  So Matt & Jeff created the Canopy, a place for people to disconnect with the social character they’ve created and reconnect with that child in the woods.