Sunrise Bus Stop

As the warmth of the sun begins to heat the Sunrise Bus Stop, it becomes the perfect place to grab your cup of tea, a book and enjoy the crisp morning air. Take a stroll down the dirt path to a stunning landing overlooking the snow capped mountains in the distance. Settle into the Bus Seat, and bask in the feeling of content when you find that perfect seat on the bus, where you are surrounded by new friends and old friends, new memories are sure to be created, and where the creative ideas begin to emerge.

The Canopy seeks to provide people of all ages with the excitement of being a kid again - filled with energy, ideas and adventure. From playing in the woods and experiencing genuine love for mother nature, to reflecting on life and appreciating all that it has to offer, every place in the Canopy seeks to provide visitors with a unique stay unlike anything else. We pride ourselves on being sustainable in reusing as much of the materials from the land and building process. We strive to help limit the amount of waste and bring a new life to some of these forgotten objects.